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Severe Weather

The decision to close the school in severe weather will be taken by Mr Howard and will be notified to parents by 7.30 am via the Teachers2Parents text messaging and e-mail system. Notification will also be sent to the Local Authority who will post details on the hertsdirect.org website. Our local radio station, Heart 101.7, may give details as well.

If possible, we will endeavour to open the school unless, of course, the severe weather conditions render staff access to the school completely impossible. It should be remembered that the road to the school is not regularly gritted as the major roads have to take priority.

In the event that the school remains open, but access is treacherous up the hill from the village hall, we are proposing a “walk to school” route from the village hall car park, leaving from the car park at 9 am (see next PDF for route map). This will mean that children will be escorted up the hill on foot by hardy volunteer staff and parents, avoiding the road and hill as much as possible. By doing this we are hoping to prevent the dangerous situation immediately outside the school when the road is icy and there are many cars and children in the vicinity.

The outside door to Class 2 and the church path gate will also be unlocked on severe weather days for any parents wishing to walk up from the village hall independently or access the school from the church.